Sunday, May 30, 2010

Music Is My Life!!! - 25 Songs that have been ruling my world...

Much like Chop-Top, I have an extreme fondness for music. I'm not sure if I would kill for it, or even die for it, but I am indeed a "far-out fan"...

The following 25 songs are the 25 Most Played Songs on my IPod at the moment. They also happen to be totally and utterly awesome in every possible way! They'll never get old, and they totally get better with age...

Listen on....

1. "Ode to..." by The Beastie Boys
This crazy blast of Hardcore awesomeness lasts for a minute and 35 seconds, and it totally rawks balls. Right before the Boys from Brooklyn switched to rap, they were a band of crazy Hardcore kids!!! I don't know what this song was an ode to, and I don't care!! This song rulez...

2. "Parade of the Horribles" by Circle Jerks
Yes, this is the namesake of this blog, and it's another crazy Hardcore punk song!! I love the Circle Jerks to pieces...
"I used to like this band..."

3. "Tell Me Why" by MIA
Not to be confused with rapper M.I.A., this obscure punk group wrote this little ditty about "why people like living in the USA..." It had a message, and it's a kool little gem!!

4. "Separate Peace" by Channel 3
This 2 minutes of fast-paced Hardcore awesomeness comes courtesy of SoCal punkers Channel 3. Classic song, classic band...

5. "Down in the Park" by Foo Fighters
I love the mysterious original version as performed by Gary Numan & Tubeway Army, but this amped-up cover by the Foo Fighters is pure sonic glee!! Dave Grohl!! Pat Smear!!! Awesomes!!!

6. "File 13" by AFI
This super-charged punk jam is classic AFI back in their Hardcore days... I love this song, but it took me forever to get the relevance of the title...

7. "That's Progress" by DOA with Jello Biafra
"Gimme an M! M!! Gimme an A! A!! Gimme a U! U!! Gimme an L! L!! Gimme your money!! Sure!!!"
Classic Punk Rawk collaboration by DOA and the awesomeness that is Dead Kennedys' Jello Biafra!! It's almost as if DOA and Dead Kennedys bumped uglies, and had a superawesome baby!!! That is progress...

8. "The Invisible Guests" by King Diamond
This insane blast of 80s theatrical death metal is too epic for words. And Mr. Diamond had vocals like a hyena...

9. "Out of Vogue" by Middle Class
One of the first Hardcore groups to come out of L.A., this legendary song hit you hard, and a minute later you're left winded!! Years before Minor Threat were "Out of Step," these guys were "Out of Vogue"...

10. "Melody Lee" by The Damned
After the melodic piano intro, this infectious jam blasts your senses while Dave Vanian croons like a death-punk Sinatra... Loooovvve this song...

11. "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night (Live)" by The Damned
More Damnage, this memorable live jam was a cover of the classic 60s psychedelic Electric Prunes tune. The original is classic, but this version is a total sonic assault!! And Vanian's vocal delivery was insane!!!

12. "Silly Girl" by Descendents
This pop punk jam always reminds me of summer. "We met on a Summer Sunday..."
The Descendents rule!!! This song makes me wanna fall in love!!!

13. "Got You Where I Want You" by The Flys
I first heard this song on the film "Disturbing Behavior." Years later, I re-discovered how awesomely infectious this song is. Great, great song...

14. "Before the Dawn" by Judas Priest
Known mostly for their hard-charging metal anthems, this sentimental ballad was Priest's finest moment, and featured Halford's greatest vocals. Totally unexpected, but a welcome change from the legendary Metal Gods...

15. "Let Me Help" by Bad Brains
I love the Bad Brains!!! Taken from their landmark album "I Against I," this song is pure aggression, but also melodic artistry courtesy of H.R.'s legendary vocals.

16. "Need You Around" by Smoking Popes
This up-tempo pop-punker was featured in the soundtrack of the movie "Clueless." The punky rhythm section and the lead singer's vocal delivery add to an equation of coolness...

17. "Lord of the Thighs" by Aerosmith
This sleazy, dirty Blues rocker was from Aerosmith's classic album "Get Your Wings." I love this song! It makes me wanna do things...

18. "Time to Die" by Void
All-out aggression!!!! From the blistering guitars, to the disasterpiece drumwork, to the screeching vocals, this song is Hardcore 101!!

19. "You're Crazy (Acoustic Version)" by Guns 'N Roses
I love the fast-paced, punk metal version on their landmark "Appetite for Destruction" album, but this twangy, dirty rocker is what I prefer...
"When I was younger, I knew a motherfucker like you!!"

20. "Policia" by Sepultura
"Turn down the fucking Sepultura and listen, man!"
This Hardcore metal blaster comes courtesy of Brazilian Metal Titans Sepultura! I don't understand any of the lyrics, but all I know, is that it's awesome!!

21. "Easy" by Faith No More
This memorable cover of the Commodores hit totally outdoes the original in every way possible!!! From the groovy guitar solo to Mike Patton's mellow vocal delivery, this is the ultimate Sunday Morning jam!!

22. "Germ Free Adolescents" by X-Ray Spex
"Your deodorant smells nice..."
An odd little love song by 70s geek-punkers the X-Ray Spex! I can imagine two adorable geeks falling in love to this song. Magic...

23. "Melody Hill" by The Crowd
2 minutes of melodic, instrumental punk rock heaven delivered by Surf-punkers The Crowd. Great, underappreciated punk band...

24. "Lexicon Devil" by The Germs
Totally in-your-face and obnoxious, this song MADE you notice The Germs!! Featuring the simple, but heavy rhythm section and bratty delivery by the late, great Darby Crash, this song is a pure punk rock classic!!!

25. "Amerarockers" by Scream
Mostly a Hardcore band, Scream delved into Reggae dub beats with this classic jam. Clocking in at only 3 minutes, you could only wish it was longer... This song totally goes down smooth, but also rocks and rolls your dirty bones...

Here's some proof...

Well, there you have it!! 25 songs that let you gaze into the window of my soul...
I hope it has been an epic journey!!!

And like the infamous Chop-Top so succinctly puts it,
"Music is my Life!!!"

Friday, May 28, 2010

Romanticizing: The Sleepaway Camp Series

In terms of horror franchises, the most "love" goes to iconic slashers like Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Michael Myers, amongst others. One particular franchise doesn't get as much love or appreciation in my opinion. For most horror fans, it is very much a "cult horror" franchise. Either way, the infamous "Sleepaway Camp" series should be a definite must for horror fans and slasher fans. As a series, it "carved" itself a niche into our hearts, and it demands frequent "visits."

1. "Sleepaway Camp" (1983)

This unforgettable entry into "summer camp horrors" was a "head" above the rest. Featuring classic performances, especially by Jonathan Tiersten as the awesomely foul-mouthed Ricky ("Eat shit and live, Bill..."), this film managed to balance some serious laughs with some serious splatter!! It's almost like one of those "good-time" 80s summer camp comedies, but with a body count! The central performance of the film, however, is Felissa Rose's creepy portrayal of Angela, a girl who is taunted and humiliated by fellow campers and councilors for being a little "different"... She had various nuances with her performance that made it very chilling. Her "ice cold stares" were something to behold. Dealing with such controversial topics such as pedophilia and homosexuality, this film really dared to be different, which is why it's so awesome! The most noteworthy aspect to the film is the bizarre, bat-shit carazy ending!!! For these reasons, "Sleepaway Camp" is most definitely recommended for all horror nuts!

Don't look at her eyes!!! Avert!!!!

Fast-forward five years later...

The home video market was booming, and horror movies were thriving in that department, especially slasher films. In response to this, two back-to-back "Sleepaway Camp" sequels were produced, therefore elevating the status of this cult series. These two sequels should NOT be thrown off as mere cash-ins for a franchise though. Both of these films are unique, hilarious, and gory send-ups of slasher flicks, and they deserve much appreciation!!

2. "Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers" (1988)

Angela Baker returns after a nice stint in a mental facility and manages to find herself a nice cozy job as (what else?) a camp councilor at Camp Rolling Hills, which is dangerously close to the infamous Camp Arawak, where the first murders took place. Throughout the film, Angela dispatches various campers and councilors that don't quite fit her moral standards (despite the fact that she's a transsexual serial killer, but that's besides the point), and much hilarity and gleeful depravity ensues... I love this film! It is chockful of all things that made 80s horror great!! It had copious amounts of sweet gore, awesome nudity, crazy 80s hair, tubular heavy metal, and Pamela (fucking) Springsteen!!!! The kid sister of The Boss himself, Pamela balanced her moral scruples with her deadpan humor. With lines like, "Dead teenagers brains," she really created a unique slasher villain that you can root for alongside Freddy, Jason, and Chucky! Also serving as a parody to 80s films, the many campers are named after brat-packers!! Such characters like virginal Molly (Ringwald), uber-bitch Ally (Sheedy), and weasly little shit campers like Judd (Nelson) and Emilio (Estevez) poked some fun at 80s teen culture, as well as 80s horror! The film featured a memorable sequence in which two practical jokers dressed as Jason and Freddy respectively, get menaced by Angela, dressed as Leatherface!!! This film is totally ripe for repeated viewings, and is a nice piece of slasher fun!!!

"Sleepaway Camp 2" found success in the home video market, and one year later, the third film was released, allowing Angela to continue her murderous exploits (much to many a horror fan's delight)!

3. "Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland" (1989)

After laying low for a while, Angela returns to her old killing grounds to face a new bunch of annoying-as-hell assholes begging to be killed (I loved the 80s...)!! The campground that used to be Camp Rolling Hills is now Camp New Horizons, which is host to a new experiment in "sharing." Two different classes of people, in this case, a bunch of lame-o rich brats, and a group of street-wise urchins, are paired to learn each others cultures- blah, blah, blah... kill 'em already!!! She most definitely does, using a wide array of weapons at her disposal, including firecrackers, an axe, a lawnmower, a garbage truck, and deadly chemicals!! This sequel is unique as it is a scathing commentary on class differences, as certain teen stereotypes are played out, lived up to, and are eventually decimated by Angela with smirking bravado. One such scene is when she blows up a tent with campers inside of it, in which she then roasts some marshmallows!!! Although the presence of Felissa Rose is regrettably lost in these sequels, Pamela Springsteen made the character her own, and established herself as one badass horror heroine!!! Parts 2 and 3 are great in that they were both unique slices of horror mayhem, and are actually "good" sequels!!! Don't let the roman numerals fool you, this is the good stuff!!!

Angela Baker, I love you!!! Marry me!! I'll be as good as you want me to be!!!

In conclusion, the original trilogy is a classic franchise of horror, and deserves to be appreciated just as much as the "Nightmare" series, the "Friday the 13th" series, the "Chucky" series, etc. I have not seen the recent sequel "Return to Sleepaway Camp," but i do indeed want to check that one out...

but until then, the glorious pile-on!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

High School Massacre

"My 'teen angst' bullshit has a body count..." - Veronica Sawyer, "Heathers"

It's pretty obvious that most slasher flicks, if not all of them, revolve around teens getting offed by some maniac. Many of these slashers are set at high schools, like "Prom Night," "Graduation Day," "Cutting Class," "Student Bodies," and/or colleges, like in "Pieces," "Final Exam," "Splatter University," and many others.

The following three films can very well be classified as "teen horror," as they all deal with one very real, horrifying ordeal for teenagers: High School...
These films, however, are dark satires about the angst of being a teenager, and I felt that they needed some appreciation.

1. "Heathers" (1989)

This film is the ultimate high school flick. It was dark, tragic, shocking and funny-as-hell. Filled with black humor and sharp dialogue ("Bulimia is so '87...), this cult classic explored the controversial topic of teen suicide and the "dangers" of high school cliques. Featuring classic performances by Winona Ryder and Christian Slater as doomed teenage lovers on a murder spree, this film explored the dark side of high school and was way ahead of its time. It went on to gain a massive fan base, and is truly a film that "really means something."

2. "River's Edge" (1986)

This dark, dangerous tale of disaffected youth came out 3 years before Heathers. It has become somewhat of a cult classic, but does not have as big of a cult status like "Heathers" does. Based on true events, this film told the tale of a clan of high school metalheads who decide to cover for a friend who brutally killed his girlfriend. Much like "Heathers," this film carried a lot of black humor in dealing with death ("I poked it with a stick!"), and was also way ahead of its time. The film featured memorable performances by Keanu Reeves, Daniel Roebuck, Ione Skye, and Dennis Hopper. The center of this movie, however, was indeed Crispin Glover's Oscar-worthy performance of Layne, the group's unpredictable, drug-addled leader. His performance in this film is definitely one of my top 10 favorite performances in a movie EVER! I would even go as far to state that it even rival's James Dean's performance in "Rebel Without a Cause"! Almost EVERY line he utters in this film is quotable, and that is a testament to his acting abilities. Definitely recommended for fans of "Heathers," and great films in general.

3. "Massacre at Central High" (1976)

Made during the height of the good ol' days of Grindhouse Exploitation fare, this film was different. The title suggests that it's a slasher film, but it is not. Predating "Heathers" by a whopping 13 years(!), this film focused on an all-out class war between the "nerds" and the "jocks." The film centers on "new kid" David (Darrel Maury) as he tries to fit in at his new school, which is run by a group of bullies, featuring David's friend Mark (Andrew Stevens). Unwilling to join the bullies, they severely injure him. Seeking revenge, this very resourceful and capable young man decides to kill the bullies to restore order in his school. After he dispatches of the bullies, he faces new problems as the nerds take over and become the oppressors of the school, which leads him to the decision to just blow up the whole damn school! How did this film end? I'd rather not spoil it, but this film is most definitely a scathing satire of high school cliques and predated such tragic events such as the Columbine and Virginia Tech massacres. Here's a fun fact: Director Rene Daalder went on to work with Noise/Punk godfathers The Screamers on a series of concerts and videos for the legendary L.A.-based cult band. Another fact: This film has NOT been given a proper DVD release!!!! Seriously, DVD gods, please make this happen. This film is worth the treatment!!!

Well, there you have it! Three slices of dark high school mayhem! Not exactly horror, but then again, high school is horrifying enough!

Now, tell me that flick doesn't deserve a DVD release! Seriously!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Songs from Horror Flicks...

I have an insane love for horror movies and music. And when both are combined, it's possibly the greatest thing ever! Much like the delicious combo of chocolate and peanut butter in those damn tasty Reese's peanut butter cups, horror movies and awesome music go hand-in-bloody-hand. The 80s especially, hosted a plethora of awesome horror flicks backed by awesome music. The following is a compilation of 10 songs taken from certain horror movies that are pure awesomeness.


1. "Rock or Die/Chop Up Your Mother" by The Sic F*cks
This nutty horror punk combo of songs by the New York-based cult band The Sic F*cks, the band was a weird combo of The Ramones, The Dead Boys, and The B52's... with some Misfits on the side. In 1982, the band was given their biggest break by being featured in the bizarre slasher shocker "Alone in the Dark," which was New Line Cinema's first movie they produced. Sadly, they never released a full album, which made them "the greatest punk band that never lived." However, they are forever immortalized in the above-mentioned film.

2. "Computer Date" by Dennis Michael Tenney
Another crazy 80s punk jam, this little number was featured at the "party scene" in the 1988 film "Night of the Demons." The film was the ultimate in 80s horror. Dumb teens, cool jams, sweet gore, Halloween shenanigans, and Linnea Quigley topless. A kool song from a classic 80s Halloween flick...

3. "Partytime" by 45 Grave
The ultimate authority in crazy surf horror punk, 45 Grave kicked ass with this classic jam from the 1985 zombie classic "Return of the Living Dead." This song was the film's ultimate theme song, and was part of one of the greatest soundtracks to any movie EVER!!! Listen up and bleed...

4. "Why Was I Born? (Freddy's Dead)" by Iggy Pop
This punk metal rocker from the elder statesmen of punk was featured in the classic end credits sequence of "Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare." Playing alongside a "Greatest Hits" selection of his greatest kills, this sequence was my favorite part of the whole damn movie!!! My favorite punk psycho and my favorite dream demon... sweet fuckin' combo...

5. "Love is a Lie" by LION
Hahaha... this fucking song. Featured in a very memorable "Dead Fuck Dance" sequence featuring one of my favorite actors Crispin Glover, this song was all kinds of awesomeness as it was part of the soundtrack to "Friday the 13th Part IV - The Final Chapter"!! I am forever connected to this flick. My mom almost named me "Jason" on April 20th, 1984, which was the weekend that "The Final Chapter" was number 1 at the box office!!! I also have the same birthdate as Crispin Glover, which is beyond cool. Enjoy the awesomeness...

6. "Straight Between The Eyes" by Anvil
Angela Baker, back for more carnage in "Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers" dispatches one foul-mouthed little camper within the first 5 minutes, then proceeds to cut her tongue out to teach her a lesson. Then... BLAM!! A sonic blast of crazy Canadian metal from ANVIL!!! Need I say more? God, the 80s ruled...

7. "Sleepaway" by John Atlyn
Serving as the theme to the awesome follow-up "Sleepaway Camp 3 - Teenage Wasteland," this 80s headbanger basically summed up the entire series! Too bad we didn't see much of Ricky in the subsequent sequels. I loved Ricky! "Eat shit and live, Bill..." Haha.

8. "Gangster Rock" by Felony
This eclectic piece of New Wave craziness featured in classic 1980 slasher "Graduation Day," assaulted us for 7 whole minutes during an awesome roller boogie party (Haha...80s...), and a frantic chase sequence featuring a topless Linnea Quigley (again...)! She died, but then again she usually dies in these flicks. But she was a great-lookin' corpse... TRASH!!! I LOVE YOU!! Haha.

9. "Prom Night" by Prom Night Soundtrack
I had to bust out some gnarly disco to balance things out!! This theme to the 1980 classic slasher flick of the same name is truly too awesome for words. The cheese-tastic dance sequence featuring Jamie Lee Curtis was worth the price of admission alone... Prepare to be Disco-Balled!!!

10. "Strange Things Happen" by Stewart Copeland
Finally, a nice slow jam to unwind to. Wrapping up the insane, gore-filled hilarity of the 1986 horrorfest "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2," this song tied the flick up in a little bow. Mixing Reggae with some Country twang, this song oddly fit the "Slashterpiece," and was part of an extremely rare, but epic soundtrack featuring Concrete Blonde, Lords of the New Church, Roky Erickson, Timbuk 3, Oingo Boingo, and The Cramps, alongside the solo former drummer of The Police. I love this song to pieces(bad pun I know)...

There you have it, Boil and Ghouls... Enjoy that list. I loved making it!!

Two Lost Metal Titans...

It has been a morose, melancholy couple of days. The weather over here in Ohio is pretty shitty, but in reality, it reflects the mood I am in. I was very sad to hear of the passing of the great Ronnie James Dio yesterday morning. Apparently, he lost his battle to stomach cancer at the age of 67. His voice was unparalleled in the world of Metal, and he was famously known as the first Metal performer to use the "devil horns" hand gesture at concerts. This has influenced my life greatly, as I use that hand gesture all of the time. Haha.

Dio rose to prominence in the 70s with Rainbow, featuring former Deep Purple guitarist Richie Blackmore. After Ozzy Osbourne was fired from Black Sabbath, Dio took over lead vocals, and they released some classic albums, like "Mob Rules" and "Heaven & Hell." Dio then started his solo career, which spawned his most memorable hits and videos. Songs like "Holy Diver," "We Rock," "Mystery," "The Last in Line," and "Rainbow in the Dark" were epic, thralling masterpieces of Metal awesomeness. The imagery he used in his songs were full of demons, dragons, and Heavy Metal thunder! Jack Black's "Folk Metal" band Tenacious D even paid tribute to him on their debut album with the song simply titled "Dio." In the song, they urged him to "pass the torch" of Metal onto them. Dio met the band years later, and told them he would not. Haha. He did, however, lend himself and his voice to their film "Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny," in a very memorable scene. The legend of Dio will always live on, and his music will indeed live on in our hearts and souls. Rest in Peace, Dio...

Another Metal God passed away recently as well. Last April, Peter Steele of pioneering Goth Metal outfit Type O Negative, died of cardiac arrest at the age of 48. Known for their blistering rhythm section, their pitch black humor set them apart from their contemporaries. Their endless catalog of songs are bonafide classics. Songs like "Christian Woman," "Black No. 1," "Be My Druidess," "(We Were) Electrocute," "September Sun," "Dead Again," and countless others were loved by his many fans, including myself, and am quite disappointed that the band won't have any more albums. One of their particular albums got me through a really harsh break-up. Their debut album "Slow, Deep, and Hard" is such a monumentally great break-up album! It almost felt like a concept album. From being suspicious about being cheated on, to having murderous thoughts against the people involved, to torturing and killing the cheating lover, to eventually killing himself by album's end, it was one hell of an album!! And I listened to it constantly after my aforementioned break-up. Some catharsis was needed, and it was acheived... The power of music...

Consequently, we have all lost two significant voices in the world of Metal and in general. These guys are like my "Elvis Presley" and "Michael Jackson." (With all due respect) Their music will indeed live on in all of us. RIP Ronnie James Dio and Peter Steele... Here's some great videos to remind us of their genius.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Songs to bone to....

"Let us fuck!!!" - Lester "The Molester" Cockandshtuff (AKA Pete Jones), Zach and Miri Make a Porno

Hello, fiends. A certain song crept its way into my skullage this evening, which basically inspired tonight's post. The song in question is "How The Gods Kill" by legendary Blues/Goth Metal band Danzig. This song holds special significance to me, as it is the number 1 song I'd love to bone to...

Everyone has their set of certain songs to "set the mood" during sex. A lot of people like the soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye and Barry White while boning. Or 70s "groove" songs like "Feel Like Making Love" by Bad Company, and most of Kiss' catalog of songs. Haha. Personally, most punk and metal music gets me in the mood...

The following is a comprehensive list of groovy songs that would be the ultimate "fuck album." Haha. And feel free to share yours as well...

Here goes:

1. "How The Gods Kill" by Danzig
This is my favorite. From the slow, melodic opening, to the blistering metal mayhem of the rhythm section, not to mention Danzig's smooth-as-hell vocal delivery. One sexy jam...

2. "Blood & Fire" by Type O Negative
Peter Steele (may he rest in piece) sure knew how to make some sexy songs. He's the total death metal equivalent to Barry White. Haha. This particular song has real Gothic ambiance to it. The guitarwork was amazing, and we were treated to Steele reciting some French. Who knows what the hell he was saying, but I would F to it. Haha.

3. "Cemetery Gates" by Pantera
Much like "How The Gods Kill," this classic metal jam started out slow and melodic, then brought on the Metallic thunder!!! Lead singer Phil Anselmo's vocal delivery was a nice combo of hard and soft, and legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrel (RIP) kept the crazy guitar licks coming! A true classic...

4. "Piece of Your Action" by Motley Crue
Are you kidding? This song was "sex." From Vince Neil's smooth delivery to Mick Mars' blistering solos, you can play this song on loop, and have one helluva experience!!!

5. "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie
Most definitely the ultimate Goth stripper jam, this song by Mr. Robert Wolfgang Zombie packs one sexy wallop! From the heavy guitar beats to the sexy background vocals, this song should be essential to everyone!

6. "Poison" by Alice Cooper
Speaking of stripper jams, this 80s classic was one of the best! The guitarwork was sleazy, dirty, yet polished, and Alice's vocal's were pretty sleazy as well. Haha.

7. "Rocket Queen" by Guns 'N Roses
Starting from the slow burn of Slash's guitarwork, this infamous closing song to their landmark 1987 album "Appetite for Destruction" was destined for sleazy, sexy greatness. Featuring Axl's snaky vocals and his real-life "trist" with a stripper during the actual song, this song is sexy, dirty fun!

8. "Summer Nite" by The Plasmatics
Even though this song is about the tragic events that unfold at a "Rock 'n Roll Club," the sexy delivery by the late Wendy O. Williams (accompanied by 60s girl group The Angels) made this one sexy late-night jam to spend with a certain someone...

9. "Violet" by Hole
Love her or hate her, there was something kinda hot about Courtney Love. Her vocals in this song were angelically sexy, then uncompromisingly brutal. A really awesome song for some fast-paced action. *wink, wink*

10. "Crimson and Clover" Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
A slinky, sexy remake to the Tommy James classic that totally trumps the original. I totally believed anything she said in this song!! Joan Jett is my dream...

11. "We Will Fall" by The Stooges
Clocking in at 10 minutes and 15 seconds, this song is one slow, zen-like Psychedelic jam that is totally MADE for having sex to. Backed by zen chants, and fronted by the irrepressible Iggy Pop, this song COMMANDED you to bone...

12. "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails
Haha. You knew this one was coming! "I wanna fuck you like an animal!" It's very amusing that this song was such a hit. But no one can deny the raw sex appeal of this song.

13. "Thirteen" by Danzig
I figured I would end the list with another classic Danzig song, and what better song than "Thirteen"? This slow, bluesy metal blaster is perfect for the cuddling and/or smoking session after. Hahaha....

Well, there you have it, Boils and Ghouls. A nice comprehensive list of songs to get busy to. What are yours, I wonder????

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Many Levels of Docility....

"There's someplace else where I can go... in the daylight, when the night's right, raining... feelin' alright." -Iggy Pop

I'm new to this blogging atmosphere, so be kind. Let's get this out of the way. I am a great lover of movies and music, and to be able to share that with others is just groovy. I also like ranting about random bullshit, so what better place than here?

I guess the big mood for today is docile. My life has been in quite a docile state lately. Not much going on really, just working and going to school. Right now, I'm on my summer vacation. It doesn't quite feel like summer over here. It's all cold and rainy. It's a drag. Al Gore seriously lied to us about that "Global Warming" bullshit. Haha.

One of my great loves is Horror Films. I greatly enjoy watching all sorts of Horror Movie madness at the comfort of my own home and in the theater. As of late, the current state of Horror Films has also been pretty docile. I've watched a nice handful of "current" horror films from the past few months, and they all have been quite disappointing. Here are the films as follows:

"The Crazies" - This remake of Romero's mediocre 1973 film was also pretty mediocre. There was some nice scares, some good characters, and an overall sense of dread, but it was pretty disappointing in terms of delivery. I did love the "car wash" scene.

"House of the Devil" - Director Ti West's tribute to 80s Horror and Roman Polanski was very interesting, but also boring. It kept my interest, had some great scares and interesting characters, but the film left me confused and a little frustrated. I expected a lot more from this film, and was quite let down. If "Repulsion" was made in the 80s with a Satanic cult plot point, it would be "House of the Devil."

"Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever" - Another film from Ti West, had some nice gore and laughs, but it was very messy in execution. I can understand why West was angered by the final cut. It felt quite tampered with. But it's a nice film to see on a beer-soaked night.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" - Alas, the Hollywood Remake Machine strikes again, this time aiming its sights at our favorite dream demon. What can I say about this film? The gore was watered-down(much like in last year's "Friday the 13th remake), the characters were flat, our new Nancy sucked(you can't fuck with Langenkamp), and Jackie Earle Haley's Freddy was mild at best. It was like he was playing a really evil, burnt-up, nightmare-version of Rorschach from "Watchmen." I mean, c'mon, Robert Englund IS Freddy Krueger!!!! Much like how Doug Bradley is Pinhead, Angus Scrimm is Tallman, and Bruce Campbell IS Ash!!! But that's Hollywood for you anyway. Always willing to shit on classics...

In conclusion, the Horror Film is most definitely in a docile state right now. But I do have hope. Next month's "Splice" looks promising, and I am looking forward to "Piranha 3D" this August. And let's not forget the all-out Battle Royale of the "Saw" and "Paranormal Activity" franchises this fall. It just kinda sucks that I don't have many horror flicks to look forward to this summer. Oh, what a bummer...