Monday, May 17, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Songs from Horror Flicks...

I have an insane love for horror movies and music. And when both are combined, it's possibly the greatest thing ever! Much like the delicious combo of chocolate and peanut butter in those damn tasty Reese's peanut butter cups, horror movies and awesome music go hand-in-bloody-hand. The 80s especially, hosted a plethora of awesome horror flicks backed by awesome music. The following is a compilation of 10 songs taken from certain horror movies that are pure awesomeness.


1. "Rock or Die/Chop Up Your Mother" by The Sic F*cks
This nutty horror punk combo of songs by the New York-based cult band The Sic F*cks, the band was a weird combo of The Ramones, The Dead Boys, and The B52's... with some Misfits on the side. In 1982, the band was given their biggest break by being featured in the bizarre slasher shocker "Alone in the Dark," which was New Line Cinema's first movie they produced. Sadly, they never released a full album, which made them "the greatest punk band that never lived." However, they are forever immortalized in the above-mentioned film.

2. "Computer Date" by Dennis Michael Tenney
Another crazy 80s punk jam, this little number was featured at the "party scene" in the 1988 film "Night of the Demons." The film was the ultimate in 80s horror. Dumb teens, cool jams, sweet gore, Halloween shenanigans, and Linnea Quigley topless. A kool song from a classic 80s Halloween flick...

3. "Partytime" by 45 Grave
The ultimate authority in crazy surf horror punk, 45 Grave kicked ass with this classic jam from the 1985 zombie classic "Return of the Living Dead." This song was the film's ultimate theme song, and was part of one of the greatest soundtracks to any movie EVER!!! Listen up and bleed...

4. "Why Was I Born? (Freddy's Dead)" by Iggy Pop
This punk metal rocker from the elder statesmen of punk was featured in the classic end credits sequence of "Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare." Playing alongside a "Greatest Hits" selection of his greatest kills, this sequence was my favorite part of the whole damn movie!!! My favorite punk psycho and my favorite dream demon... sweet fuckin' combo...

5. "Love is a Lie" by LION
Hahaha... this fucking song. Featured in a very memorable "Dead Fuck Dance" sequence featuring one of my favorite actors Crispin Glover, this song was all kinds of awesomeness as it was part of the soundtrack to "Friday the 13th Part IV - The Final Chapter"!! I am forever connected to this flick. My mom almost named me "Jason" on April 20th, 1984, which was the weekend that "The Final Chapter" was number 1 at the box office!!! I also have the same birthdate as Crispin Glover, which is beyond cool. Enjoy the awesomeness...

6. "Straight Between The Eyes" by Anvil
Angela Baker, back for more carnage in "Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers" dispatches one foul-mouthed little camper within the first 5 minutes, then proceeds to cut her tongue out to teach her a lesson. Then... BLAM!! A sonic blast of crazy Canadian metal from ANVIL!!! Need I say more? God, the 80s ruled...

7. "Sleepaway" by John Atlyn
Serving as the theme to the awesome follow-up "Sleepaway Camp 3 - Teenage Wasteland," this 80s headbanger basically summed up the entire series! Too bad we didn't see much of Ricky in the subsequent sequels. I loved Ricky! "Eat shit and live, Bill..." Haha.

8. "Gangster Rock" by Felony
This eclectic piece of New Wave craziness featured in classic 1980 slasher "Graduation Day," assaulted us for 7 whole minutes during an awesome roller boogie party (Haha...80s...), and a frantic chase sequence featuring a topless Linnea Quigley (again...)! She died, but then again she usually dies in these flicks. But she was a great-lookin' corpse... TRASH!!! I LOVE YOU!! Haha.

9. "Prom Night" by Prom Night Soundtrack
I had to bust out some gnarly disco to balance things out!! This theme to the 1980 classic slasher flick of the same name is truly too awesome for words. The cheese-tastic dance sequence featuring Jamie Lee Curtis was worth the price of admission alone... Prepare to be Disco-Balled!!!

10. "Strange Things Happen" by Stewart Copeland
Finally, a nice slow jam to unwind to. Wrapping up the insane, gore-filled hilarity of the 1986 horrorfest "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2," this song tied the flick up in a little bow. Mixing Reggae with some Country twang, this song oddly fit the "Slashterpiece," and was part of an extremely rare, but epic soundtrack featuring Concrete Blonde, Lords of the New Church, Roky Erickson, Timbuk 3, Oingo Boingo, and The Cramps, alongside the solo former drummer of The Police. I love this song to pieces(bad pun I know)...

There you have it, Boil and Ghouls... Enjoy that list. I loved making it!!


  1. You forgot "Dream Warriors" by Dokken from "A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors"! Come on, that's awesome!!!!!

  2. I left off quite a bit, I know. I should of had 10 runners-up... haha.

  3. Thanks much. I had to really think about it for a bit...

  4. Austin you rock my socks man! Haha

    I love the list! "It's partytime!"

  5. You roll my bones, Morgan. Haha. Damn right it's partytime!!!